Product Hunt Sunday Spotlight #1

Here are some of the products I've fallen in love with.


I just love this product. It’s beautiful. It’s hitting at the right time in mental health’s prime. Lastly, it is just so beautiful and that’s what I believe will drive it’s adoption and user acquisition.

Investment outlook for Jour


What’s not to love here? I was customer #23 because I believe in what they are building for the future of no-code. They have traction (waitlist is thousands) and they have a team that cares about their customers.

Also…once they hit their stride, I know that they will be a big player in the space based on what I’ve seen of their product roadmap and chatted with their CEO about.

Investment outlook for Makeswift

Comscore is estimating that 50% of search will be through voice. If there was ever an acquisition target that was a sure bet, it is They have the execution skills ot pull it off. Their team is set. And the marketplace is about ready to welcome them into their organizations with open arms.

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