Why I'm Starting A Daily Newsletter

It'll be like the Skimm, except not really.

I’m just going to list the reasons off (which ties into the first reason):

  1. FREEDOM - aka I don’t have to adhere to a set format!

  2. Blogs can be exhausting to write - So we’ll curate the best pieces we can find on business building.

  3. Transfer knowledge - I think I come across a ton of valuable information that people don’t have time to research/find on their own

  4. Creative outlet - I spend a lot of my time thinking, this is a good way to get those thoughts out there

  5. Free consulting - I’ve been told by multiple people that 30min with me has had 500-1,000 value on their business. I want to scale that by pushing as much valuable ideas out of my head as possible.

  6. I can get paid for it?? - I spend 3hours a day reading, why not disseminate the most valuable insights to the world for less than two coffees per month.

  7. Community building - I’ve been struggling to feel like I belong in the startup community...so hopefully I can build some of that through these newsletters

We’re launching this thing on November 1st so keep an eye out. But in the meantime, hit Subscribe Now!

Want a free lifetime Paid subscription? Drop me a line - stephen @ knowcap.io