Waiting to blow up

On the cusp of a breakthrough, here's how we feel about our progress in September

J. Cole once said, “...I’m about to blow up...”

That’s the feeling I get when I think about what we’re trying to accomplish at KnowCap. 

The vision is so big, so impactful that even if we’re half right we will change a lot of lives. And not just change them, improve them.

We’ve been sending our ideas and decks out and received a lot of positive, constructive feedback. With every single reply I’m getting more confident that the vision is correct…but the tactics are off (which is perfectly fine with me). 

After getting fired from my last position, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go back and work for someone else. So, being on a trip around the world, I took a few months to really think about what I wanted and visit some startup communities. I studied an industry I’ve always been interested in, venture capital, and noticed some things. 

There’s a way I could help founders, their customers, and their investors at the same time. That is where the KnowCap Ecosystem came from. A desire to help anyone with an idea turn it into a fast-growing business. 

That’s actually our mission. We don’t guarantee that we can grow a startup, but we can definitely give it a really good shot. 

What we hope to build is an in-house human capital-driven, startup engine. Where we can place ideas into the machine with experts that know their sh!t and make magic happen with the founders leading strategy. 

We hope the founders who join the ecosystem will feel the same as we are in this moment. Like we’re about to blow up.