Turning Your First Customers Into Your First Product Managers

Here's an idea on how to mine your customer feedback to create the perfect product

What does your process look like for soliciting feedback from clients? 

If you don't have one, you could be inadvertently causing churn. Customers love sharing their input, but that isn’t enough, you have to make sure they feel heard.

By having a feedback form and then implementing a public product development roadmap, you can begin engaging your initial customers in a transparent way. With this much visibility into how their input is affecting the release of features, you could then use a voting system to see which features people would actually pay for.

In that little exercise you are utilizing your customers as your first product managers. Not only that, but you are engaging with them in a way that very few startups implement. This is how you create raving fans. This is also how you build a product your customers will truly love. This is how you get your customers emotionally attached to your success.

How do you incorporate customers into your development process?