Simple. Not Simplistic.

This is the feel that we're going for with our newsletter

I recently met with an amazing identity designer(link for everyone to give him a follow) in Atlanta. He stopped me in the coffee shop inside of Switchyards and we ended up chatting everything design and branding.

Little did I realize is that I had admired his work form afar and didn’t even know who he was until we spoke a little deeper about creating typefaces and fonts.

One thing he said to me, when discussing the difference between design fads and design trends, was, “you want simple, not simplistic.”

This struck me. This is how we work with our clients, but I never had a way of actually conveying the idea. Words can pack a punch and you want to make sure you only use as many as necessary…without losing the context or story, of course.

The idea of simple is exactly why we created this newsletter. There’s a place for blogs, but not where “Food For Founders” is concerned. We curate articles and videos that will move the needle for your business. And we do this in a really simple fashion. A link to the piece and three bullets with key points.

It’s not simplistic. Everything we push forward, we believe will move the needle of your business. If we can do that 365 days a year…paying $10/mo will be laughable for how much value we provide.

How have you shifted something simplistic into something simple recently?