Screaming Into The Void

Most of the time it takes a long time of consistent output before anyone notices what you have to say.

I’ve been posting content (videos, newsletters, blogs, updates, etc..) for months now. Not really much thousands of followers. 

This is something that people with ideas struggle with. They want some kind of validation. Not that their views are excellent, but that they have some sort of voice in the world. Hell, I struggle with it. 

It’s tough to believe you have something to say and have zero people acknowledge it, not only this but that it doesn’t even register as something to disagree with. They don’t even take the time to tell you that you’re wrong. 

Yet even though it feels like you are posting into a massive void, there is merit in persevering. There are countless examples of creators and makers toiling in their craft for years only to be discovered. In many situations, someone will post for 6 months to a year and not receive any fanfare. Then one day it all changes. 10 visits turn into hundreds, which turn into thousands.

Even when you “make it” you still may only be receiving a trickle of attention. Don’t stop. Continue putting your brain on display and letting people into how you think. Whether you realize it or not, you are uniquely you and therefore how you view the world is valuable to others. 

When it comes to producing your thoughts and exposing them to the world, remember that it takes a lot of at-bats before you see success. You can be one of them as long as you continue putting out your best work. 

Don’t get me wrong, you have to be talented to be noticed. However, it’s very hard for talent that works hard to be overlooked for long. Put in the work and study the game, it’ll reward you back.

As one of my favorite artists, Childish Gambino, said, “I’ve always been this good…you just weren’t listening.”