Over-indexing on your strengths

If work and effort compounds it makes more sense to double down on your expertise

If there’s a piece of advice that was the most helpful in my development is to find digital mentors.

Of course at the time I didn’t know what that term meant, but I was told to read like I was going blind. And that’s what I’ve done for the last five years. 

You wouldn’t believe all of the opinions and stories I’ve encountered throughout the last five years. One of the biggest opinion that stuck with me was one that was formed independently.

I took a step back and start digging into these people with personal brands and what their habits were. While those “10 habits billionaires do every morning” become recycled content after awhile, actually reading their books and biographies are very telling.

The one thing that stood out to me: they over-indexed on their strengths.

They took everything they were good at and didn’t just tripled down...they infinite-downed on them. 

This is why you may hear them avoid questions that veer outside of their core competencies. I imagine because they probably sound like someone with a college education on normal topics. 

Watch how they interact with a question they’ve spent decades learning, testing, theorizing in...a lot more depth and valuable insights.

It’s probably the same if you asked a rocket scientist how to learn social media. They wouldn’t know anything further than the surface-level exposure they’ve experienced in their professional lives. 

In the end, by making your strengths your life’s work...by really becoming a master of your personal superpower...you can create such outstanding value that making a livable income becomes an afterthought.

I hope that a decade from now, I can look back and see that I progressed by making sure my strengths were always being developed at a faster rate than my weaknesses. By doing that, I believe a career that I’m proud of will be sure to follow.

How are you over extending on your strengths?

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