Outsourcing your core. Don't.

A cautionary tale on bringing in project-for-hire for your core service/product

I recently tried an experiment where we would use other services to blend together another service…man did that punch me in the mouth. 

In my eyes I figured if the work was being done, what would it matter to my clients where it came from as long as I was spearheading the strategy piece (what I assume they hire me fore). 

But then we used this service called Podscripter in our bid to streamline operations for Emily our content creation service. And wow. 

First. They claim it takes 24 hours for turnover, but on the website it says 72 hours. 

Second. They actually didn’t turn it in within 72 hours. And 192 hours later…still no completed project.

Third. As I’m writing this I still haven’t heard from them in the three days since they said it would be completed. 

So here’s to keeping a core piece of our service, transcriptions, in house…it’s better that way. I don’t have to worry about other people doing what I pay them for, you don’t have to worry about angry rants, and my clients get a pristine product on time. 

When’s the last time you outsourced a projects and ended up being out the money you initially paid for it and the time it took for you to complete it?