My 2020 New Years Resolution

2020 is going to be the year I finally let go of my impostor syndrome...maybe

My new year's resolutions are always the same.

 For the last four years, I have committed to getting 1% better every day. 

1% is very broad. It could mean I'm listening to a new podcast episode, reading, interacting with people who have different views, watching a YouTube video. In a nutshell, it means that I want to constantly be in the way of learning. 

It’s a commitment to learning. To intentionally immerse myself in information whether it’s something I’m passionate about or something that is ancillary to my passions. 

At the conclusion of the year (usually around December) I reflect on how much I’ve grown. Not just from a professional standpoint, but also from an intellectual and personal capacity. That “growth audit” is how I know that I’ve succeeded at my New Years’ resolution. I know, I know “what gets measured get’s done”…in this case, it’s the abstract nature of the goal that makes it so impactful.

When you surround yourself with learning, your efforts and discipline compound week after week. People pay for knowledge. I’ve bet my career on this thesis. That is why earning years are after the age of 45 because you’ve amassed enough knowledge and experience to be worth a premium. 

Additionally, I want to commit myself to publish more content. I have a lot of ideas stored up on my various applications and it’s time I release them instead of locking them away in Google Drive or Evernote. I’ve been exploring a new workflows that will allow me to publish and distribute my perspective efficiently. This has always been a significant area of struggle and I’m hoping to face my fears (and impostor syndrome) by diving deeper into content creation. 

So for future reference

Short-form = Substack

Medium-form = Medium

Long-form - Podcast

Cheers to 2020!!