In Observation of VCs

How KnowCap IO can help VCs with better dealflow

I’ve been studying the venture capital ecosystem in the U.S. for about five months now.

  1. because it is a key part of our thesis

  2. Because we are planning to help founders raise funding

  3. Because eventually we will raise funding for KnowCap

What I’ve found are things that don’t make much sense in 2018. 

For a community that makes money off breaking the mold, they are remarkably traditional and do things just because they’ve always been done. 

I believe that the reason exceptions are so hard to find is because they only go to their homogenous network to find ideas. That’s why those like Steve Case’s rise of the rest your will win. Because his firm  realizes that with the right of amount of data, domain expertise, and intuition you are likely to find other winners at better deal prices over time.

That’s exactly why we’ve turned to fundraising from VCs. 

We can control that dealflow and not only serve as a filter for when thy want to double down (cause we’ll have the data and domain expertise), but we’ll also be the smaller shares on their balance sheet that means they could have all missed for 10 years and still return 15-20x to their investors.

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