Giving out samples (I.e. early iteration)

Taking meaningful customer feedback in the early days is a recipe for winning

One thing, I’m not a fan of…giving out free stuff.

I’ve never created a software, so I don’t have any experience with implementing a freemium model. Since my career has only existed on the services side of things, giving away work for free is detrimental to your business and your brand. 

Your business, because money keeps the lights on. 

Your brand, because people associate free services with “cheap” and you don’t want that label on your services. 

That said…I do believe in giving out work samples. In this manner you can create generic examples of how your work would look for a potential client, or your can do 10% of a project just so someone can get a feel for what your work would look like through the eyes of their brand. 

The latter can be very powerful and I’ve gotten clients for KnowCap for Advisors this way. It’s doing things that can’t possibly scale, however it gets those first few clients to find value in your work and pay you in the end.

To that end, we’re going to be dropping some samples of how this daily newsletter will work. I imagine we’ll get some feedback that will help to make it better for our readers. Also…we thought we’d lower the price for monthly and annual subscriptions until November 1st. Call it an “early adopter discount”.