Food For Founders Issue #5

Constant Course Correction on the Entrepreneur Journey

  • Almost every successful entrepreneur I’ve met wasn’t successful with the initial idea.

  • Sometimes the current course needs minor tweaks (standard iteration) and sometimes a completely different direction is required (full pivot).

  • Plan for constant course correction on the entrepreneur journey. New information, new findings, and new innovations are part of the search for success.

Best Way To Stay Motivated While Starting A New Venture

  • When motivators become habits, that’s what can make the difference between startups success and failure.

  • Eyeing the opportunity to learn and fine-tune business strategy helps reduce bigger losses by failing early.

  • If one is not convinced about his or her own ideas, chances are no one else will buy them too.

How to Run a Workplace with Office and Remote Workers

  • Companies have + 48 ENPS for folks who have flexible options.

  • Everyone needs to have a 1:1 with all of their direct reports on a weekly basis.

  • Kicking people out of the office gets some comfort and familiarity with it and really forces the organization to build the processes they need to accommodate other folks.