Food For Founders Issue #3

How Would Teleportation Change Society?

  • He also predicts that cheap teleportation would spell the end of the hotel business.

  • Social media has really changed the political outlook over the last ten years. It’s the evolution of the echo chamber; it’s the evolution of factionalism; it’s the evolution of intolerance.

Easy Ways to Gather Customer Feedback

  • Perhaps the easiest way to gather customer feedback is through email marketing drip campaigns.

  • "We design and print business-card-sized review cards with a QR code that directs straight to our Google review page."

We Spent $6.85 Million On Black Friday Facebook Ads - Here’s What Works

  • We remind ourselves that everything in eCommerce (in all business, really) comes down to only three factors: How many visitors you get How many of them purchase (conversion rate), and How much money they spend when they do (average order value).

  • During the weeks before Black Friday, drive your customers to a gift guide that previews your offer, so they know exactly how good of a deal they’re going to get if they wait.

  • What do higher CPMs mean for you? They mean higher cost per clicks (CPCs). If the ad space costs more and people are clicking on your ads the same amount as usual, then every click costs more money.