Food For Founders #45 - OOO

Here's our update for Q2 2019. This will probably be our biggest update for the next 12 months..

I’m on vacation! (Disclaimer: please excuse any typos, writing this on my phone with no WiFi or cell service for Grammarly)

At first I really wanted this newsletter to be those three words. Then I saw an opportunity to self-reveal into how I operate and how my wife and I work as a unit.

I have had this dream of renting a convertible in San Diego and then driving up the PCH (highway 1) along the coast. In the process I envisioned good fit and a lot of music. This week I’m able to check that one off the bucket list. 

My wife will tell you, I’m the world’s worst at taking breaks. It’s simply not how my brain is wired. Building companies and ideas are fun for me. My version of playing video games. As you can imagine, taking breaks means that I am basically taking a break from fun. 

She knows me much better than that. 

This is where having a spouse that is supportive, knows you, and in some ways, is better at business than you are. She was able to point out all of the other times we’ve stepped back from work and how energized I felt upon returning.  (She has a point).

A few days in and I feel great! Definitely needed to step away and turn off my phone and email for awhile. Especially when the team is starting soon and my focus will need to be at an all time high.

There’s  a kind of drowning that exists when you don’t have necessarily have warning signs or flailing. You just drown. 

Having someone that can see you drowning, even when you don’t notice that you are, is a godsend.  

It doesn’t have to be a spouse. It can be a business partner, a study group, a friend, a family member...really anyone that knows you and can commit to holding you accountable to the long-term goals. I would recommend that you also make sure this person can see the field better than you can. 

By having someone who can recognize patterns, extrapolate data points, and forecast results of your effort, you have someone who is even more valuable than a business coach. You have a strategy consultant.

I always tell my wife that she would be one heck of a consultant. She gets things that she “shouldn’t”, meaning without reading or experiencing things she can make spot on recommendations based off intuition and patterns. And 9.5/10 she’s right. 

So when your life and accountability partner says she’s going to hold you to your vacation, believe that she’s right and go with it. 

I feel more rejuvenated than ever after having a break I didn’t think I needed. Looking forward to hitting the ground running on the 11th.