Food For Founders #44 - KnowCap IO Quarterly Update

Here's our update for Q2 2019. This will probably be our biggest update for the next 12 months..

Here we are again, the last Friday before the end of the quarter. We have a lot of news from the KnowCap side.

First, we’ve brought on a lot of people. Like a lot, a lot. We now have five full-stack engineers, three branding and design experts, two product managers, three business development advisors, two marketing strategists, one startup scout, and one investor relations specialist. And they hail from all over Apple to Microsoft, Victoria’s Secret to Coach…we’ve got a lot of diversity, and that was intentional.

This makes KnowCap one of the most comprehensive platforms for idea and early-stage founders looking to grow their companies quickly. Instead of signing on “advisors,” we get into the trenches with our founders.

Our engineers help founders build products and MVPs.

Our biz devs will help support a startup by making cold calls and connecting with potential buyers.

Our branding and marketing specialists will help with logos, visual design, and putting in the proper marketing experiments that will help them gain traction 3x faster.

Our investor specialist will help startups get ready for meetings with investors and guide them through the due diligence process.

We have some fantastic startups that are on the waitlist (some who have been on it for over 6 months) and a few more in the application process. Based on the feedback we’re gathering from founders and other community stakeholders, there is an inherent product-market fit...or put another way, people want what we’ve got.

Our biggest struggle will be building processes that allow us to scale our activities with founders without sacrificing quality or the experience of working with us.

Second, in line of struggle, is making sure we don’t over-engineer or over-design for the companies we work with. We want to operate at a level that is world-class while ensuring we don’t commit too many resources to a failing project.

We have made a lot of headway for this quarter. See you next time!!

Oh and before I forget…we’ve built partnerships with Stripe, Hubspot, and Google (and working on a few more) That way when startups join our ecosystems, we have an infrastructure stack that will allow them to launch to their initial customers and generate revenues faster than ever.