Delegation is a Founder case study on ego

What happens when you approach delegation from a place of humility?

I was listening to a podcast not long ago and came across the statement: “delegation is an act of ego”.

After thinking about it and digesting it in every way I can (yay for visits to the park), I realized how profoundly true it is. 

At its core, not being able to delegate is you saying that no one else can possibly do the job as well as you can. Think about that statement. 

You have someone on your team who’s actual job is to help lighten the load for you, and yet you can’t let them do their job because you believe that you’re the best at those tasks. 

It is very unlikely that you are delegating tasks that you are the most suited for…otherwise you wouldn’t be delegating it.

CEOs are the only ones who can be CEOs. They need to delegate the items so they are allowed to focus on their gift, to do the thing that no one can do, direct the company. 

What happens when you aren’t ready to give away the items that need delegation? You are hinder your organization. Not only is it shackled from a morale standpoint, but speed and productivity as well. The more levels that need your approval from you, the slower you become and the slower you grow.

IF you aren’t doing your most qualified work and someone who is qualified is twiddling their thumbs, the organization suffers. 

Simple as that.